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Fourteen years have passed between Plow United Records, fourteen hears is a long time. Brian, Joel and Sean spent those 14 years moving around restlessly and separately around the country and the world, sometimes keeping in touch, sometimes not, sometimes playing music, sometimes not. The songs on Marching Band are direct responses to the frenetic energy that resurfaced when Plow United took to a stage again in 2011. If you listen carefully, you can almost hear Plow United (circa 1996) performing these tracks. However, one thing Plow United circa 96’ could not have accounted for is time: these songs are the product of an extra 42 years added to three lives. The old songs were about wanting to be recognized as adults, or about realizing all the things you’d been told about life and how to live it were wrong, and being fucking pissed about it. The new Plow United songs the ones on Marching Band are about not giving in to cynicism, about not lowering expectations, about not giving up hope even when giving up hope seems like the sensible thing to do.