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DONOTS - LP "COMA CHAMELEON" (ACR 023) Colored Vinyl!

Donots ACR 023

Call it bravery. Call it tradition. “Coma Chameloen” is the perfect combination of all the DONOTS´ powers and most definetly the most important and courageous step the band has ever made, not only musically but businesswise as well. Needless to say the break from the band, the personal endeavours of THE DONOTS and the new found freedom from labels made for a lot of fresh air, countless ideas and demos for the new album. Have a listen to songs such as “Break My Stride”, “Stop The Clocks” or “Anything” and you will surely agree: THE DONOTS have taken their sound to a whole new level – a lot more mature, maybe a bit darker yet very playful and highly contagious. Unique packaging with UV-Spotlightprinting, fantastic artwork and undoubtedly Donots best songs so far!

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Release date: 10/2008