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An energetic bounce and sing-along-ready vocals are two of the most immediately noticeable qualities of Broadcaster’s brand of refined pop-rock the band has been known for since their inception in 2010. The Long Island based-three piece have shown remarkable constancy in their output since their start and their last effort “A Million Hours” is no different. The result is something almost canonical. Their discography is only a few releases long, but there is a well-worn feel to the music, culminating in the 10 tracks the band laid down with J. Robbins at Magpie Cage. “A Million Hours” is a concise, fully-realized display of the catchy, fuzzy energy that Broadcaster has made all their own. Whether it’s the fuzzed out feedback and pounding bass at the start of “The Current”, the jangly guitar hooks in “Tomorrow” or lamenting lyrics and contemplative tone of “Comfortable”. “A Million Hours” is a well crafted, honest record from a band that is clearly comfortable in their own shoes. Definitely recommended for fans of Superchunk, Bob Mould and The Weakerthans.