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AFTER THE FALL - CD/LP "FORT ORANGE" (ACR 024) Vinyl includes free download!

Fort Orange ACR 024

“Fort Orange” is the second full length by this threepiece from Albany/New York. 13 solid songs in a style that doesn´t go out of date. Powerfull melodic hardcore, technically proficient combined with distinctive vocals is After The Falls concept on „Fort Orange“. Songs like „Macho bullshit“ and „It´s her choice“ also prove that After The Falls attitude is far away from beeing meaningless and dull. Jason Livermore, who mixed and mastered this Album at The Blasting Room was definitely the right person to finalize this recordings with an absolutely adequate sound. Altogether with the harmonious artwork „Fort Orange“ is a record to write home about! For Fans of Strike Anywhere, Kid Dynamite and Comback Kid.

Release date: 04/2009

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