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Tribute To Nothing

Tribute To Nothing

Worcester (UK)

Samuel Turner- Guitar, Voice
Kris Stammer- Guitar, Voice
Jim Turner- Bass, Keyboards & Voice
Ben Turner- Drums

The Story of Tribute To Nothing began sometime in the mid ’80s. Inspired by everything that makes a sound, six year old Ben Turner discovered his mums household pots and pans and started begging his parents for a drum kit. Four long years later his desire was finally fulfilled. Shortly after, his two brothers Jim (Bass) and Sam (Guitar) followed his passion and proved to be highly talented kids at the early ages of 12 & 14.

After a very short period of time TTN developed into a true and honest post-hardcore band.

The beginning of 2003 saw TTN`s fourth studio album emerge. It was the first record supported by their brand new band member Kris Stammer, an old school-friend of the band. His unique approach and style of playing guitar complemented the bands complex post-hardcore sound perfectly. “Act Without Words” was also the first release in the bands history that gained European attention.

The band found a new loyal following in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Spain and the Benelux were next in line to embrace the band and add to their ever-growing European support. The year 2003 also marked the beginning of a mammoth European Tour which has led the band all over the continent and seen them play more than 250 shows in the past 2 years. There have been DIY shows in mouldy cellars, TV shows and support-tours for bands like Hot Water Music, No Use For A Name & Days In Grief…the band has done it all!


  • “Breathe how you want to breathe” LP/CD (Ass-Card/Lockjaw 2008)
  • “How many times did we live” LP/CD (Ass-Card/Lockjaw/Destiny 2006)
  • “Act without words” LP/CD (Ass-Card/Lockjaw 2005)
  • “Split/Three minute poetry” CD (Lockjaw Records 2004)
  • “50,000 watts of goodwill” CD (Lockjaw Records)
  • “This is freedom” CD (Lockjawrecords)
  • “Enemy” CD-EP (Lockjawrecords)
  • “Wrench” CD (Lockjaw Records)
  • “Straight line” Cd (Lockjaw Records)
  • “Finding my own mind” (Lockjaw Records)