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Red Tape Parade

Red Tape Parade

Regensburg (GER)

Manuel Mueller – Guitar
Oise Ronsberger – Bass
Florian “Flirto” Kötterl – Guitar
Holger Stich – Drums
Wauz Juan Y Tous – Vocals

Hello dear readers of this promo sheet.

We are RED TAPE PARADE from bavaria/germany.

We’ve been around for awhile, this is our second full length album.

The folks at Asscard Records have been kind enough to put it out. Although we told them that we are old and have kids and jobs and bills to pay and can’t tour around all year long like those young bands do.

We still love music very much but are not remotly interested in whats going on in the „music business“. The trends, hypes and all the bullshit surrounding it.

We play in this band because we like doing it. There is no masterplan, no career moves, no interest in markets or promotion plans.

We like „the third rail of life“. If you like it too– great!

No problem if you don’t! But at least try to write a funny and REALLY bad review. Not the half assed shit that can usually be found in the music press nowadays!

If you would like to talk to us about our music, lyrics and favorite movies please get in touch. But be aware that our label is not gonna pay for an add in your magazine in exchange for a ½ page interview where you ask about where our band name came from.

Most music „journalists“ nowadays are too lazy to listen to the records that they are supposed to review. To help you out here are some bands that our friends (that actually bothered to listen to this) compared us to:


We also tried to give the album a little SNOOP DOGG feeling and invited a shitload of people to sing on it.

Out of all the requests the following contributed to our songs:
Matthew Davies-Kreye (Funeral For A Friend), Scott Freeman (Shook Ones), Joey Cape (Lagwagon), Patrick Kindlon (End Of A Year).

I know that people will have something to say about this too BUT it is not our fault that our friends play in good bands and your friends play in SOLEMN LEAGUE or PATTERNS.

In the past we made an effort to inform people what we are against so this time we would like you to know what we support!

We like:

Cats (some), dogs (the others), stephen king, food, 80s movies, 80s music, freedom, caffein, books, nerdy online punk zines, tom cruise and sly stallone movies (unironically).

So long!