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One Win Choice

One Win Choice

Philadelphia (USA)

Dan Kloza – Vocals
Justin Stevenson
Justin Phillips
Dave Aon
Mike Ellis

The idealism of punk rock is rarely wasted on the youth who are increasingly drawn to it. Somewhere along the line that idealism is usually replaced with the forced march toward adulthood. But for others, their passionate convictions lead them to the squatting life of long late night drives and sleeping on hardwood floors. Somewhere along the line the idealism that’s often lost by many was never a second thought to this New Jersey five-piece. For the five gentlemen of One Win Choice, writing “meaningful songs and playing them as often and for as many people as possible,” says singer Dan Kloza, is what drove them to start playing melodic and urgent punk rock in the first place. Whoever said being young and idealist was dangerous obviously had this band in mind.

In 2002, the five members of One Win Choice; Dan – vocals, Jon – drums, Ryan – bass, Jusin – guitar, and Jack – guitar, set out to play a genuine combination of punk and hardcore infused with a powerful message. Staying true to the DIY ethos, the band has worked tirelessly over the past four years playing shows, printing their own t-shirts, promoting their own hometown shows, and supporting the scene that has inspired them since day one. In a time where bands are virtually created over night by over hyped labels and website driven promotions, understanding the need and respect for the DIY ethos is certainly something that sets this band apart from most of their peers.

Musically and lyrically drawing influences from The Boss as much as Bad Religion, the band is quick to cite “ideas from authors and filmmakers such as Zinn, Orwell, Loewen, Yeates, Achebe, Black, Moore, and Gerima” as huge contributors to their sound and progression. Dan adds, “We strive to write songs that will help to spark personal interest and action in the social and political climate of our communities and the world we live in…a soundtrack to dance to as well as inspire.”


  • “Conveyor” CD/LP (Ass-Card Records/Jumpstart Records March 1st 2011)

  • “Define/ Redefine” 7” EP (Jumpstart Records 2009)

  • “Never Suspend Disbelief” CD (Jumpstart Records 2007)

  • One Win Choice / Father and Gun Split (Rise Or Rust Records 2008)