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Philadelphia (USA)

Matt – Guitar
Fred – Drums
Jack – Bass/Vocals

The dramatic vocals, ‘wall of noise’ guitars, and energetic percussion of Metroplex lend a truly original and emotive sound to this sought after Philly based band.
Guitarist Matt Hanemann and Vocalist/Bassist Jack Kerrigan have been working together in several different bands for 8 years; developing their unique song-writing dialogue and expressive musical style. In early 2001, this talented duo teamed up with long-time friend and explosive drummer, Fred Bohlander, who has been in various Philly bands throughout the past 10 years.
Looking to such bands as The Police, Jawbreaker, The Pixies, Fugazi and Leatherface, this trio has created an intoxicating sound of their own; interwoven with powerful melodies, unique hooks, and lush interludes.
Hear for yourself…experience the many moods and layers of the Metroplex sound.


  • “Decade Diary” CD/DO-LP (Ass-Card Records, Jumpstart Records 2010)
  • “Everything is chrome in the Future” CD (Limekiln Records)