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Man Without Plan

Man Without Plan

Bushwick/New York (USA)

Barclaw – Guitar Vocals
C-Wollf – Bass Vocals
Psychopat – Drums

In June of 1997, Man Without Plan formed in the wilds of Port Chester New York, just three determined youths with raw talent and a sick hunger to take on the world. Their latest effort, “Get Right,” sat for some time in the studio until the folks over at Brooklyn’s Immigrant Sun Records heard it. The response was instinctive: the label knew immediately that they had to get this out there. With a solid lineup finally in place thanks to new bass player Zach Fanelli and Pat’s return to the drumkit, Man Without Plan have been infused with the power of their ancestors, and will rise again to conquer.


  • “Futility Metaphors” CD (Ass-Card Records 2003)
  • “Get right” – CD (Immigrant Sun 2002)
  • “I feel badly” – CD (Creeprecords 2000)
  • “A history in eleven parts” – split CD with Super Hi Five (Fastmusic 1999)
  • “Shop Talk” – CD (Apkwiab/Creep Records 1998)
  • “Commence Primary Ignition” – 7” (A punk kid walked into a bar 1997)