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Kill Your Idols

Kill Your Idols

New York (USA) 1995 – 2007

Andy West – Vocals
Garry Bannet II – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brian Meehan – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike DeLorenzo/Paul Delany – Bass

From 1995 to 2007 Kill Your Idols from staten island/new york was one of the hardest working bands in the hardcorescene. They did several tours in Europe, Canada and the USA. They released an incridible amount of records on small as well as on bigger labels. Throughout the years their fanbase got bigger and bigger worldwide. There´s over a hundred people from all over the world which have a Kill Your Idols tattoo, a limited edtion tattoopress from Kill Your Idols releases was available for these fans.

Kill Your Idols was the kind of band which didn´t forget their roots, despite of their success. On their tours they play bigger locations and also smaller venues and basementshows. The always delivered pure, honest and powerful hardcore, performed with honesty and dedication.


  • “Salmon swim upstream” 7” (Vicious Circle 2007)
  • “Something startted here” 5×7”Box/CD (Get Outta Town Records 2007)
  • “Kill Your Idols/Poison Idea” split 7” (TKO 2007)
  • “From companionshipt to competition” CD/LP (Sideonedummy 2005)
  • “Live at cbgb´s” CD (Creep Records USA 2003 / Ass-Card Records Europe 2004)
  • “Kill Your Idols/Full Speed Ahead” split CD (Hellbent Records 2004)
  • “No gimmicks needed” CD/LP ( 2003)
  • “The skinnier years” CD ( 2003)
  • “Kill Your Idols/Crime in Stereo) split CD (Blackout Records 2003)
  • “S/T” CD/LP (Reflections/Grapes Of Wrath 2002)
  • “Funeral for a feeling” CD/LP (Sideonedummy 2001)
  • “Funeral for a feeling” 7” (Sideonedummy 2001)
  • “Kill Your Idols/Good Riddance” split CD/10” (Jade Tree Records 2001)
  • “Kill Your Idols/The Nerve Agents” split 7”/CD (Mankind 2000)
  • “This is just the beginning” CD/LP ( Blackout 1998)
  • “4 3/4” CD (None Of The Above Records)
  • “Kill Your Idols/Fisticuffs” split 7” (Motherbox Records)
  • “Kill Your Idols” live at wynu demo
  • “Kill Your Idols” live at cbgb´s demo