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Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley

Tampa/Florida (USA)

Buck – Vocals
Joe – Bass
Jason – Guitar
Fred – Drums

Although the band’s musical backgrounds run from the somewhat popular Pink Lincolns to complete unknowns from the Tampa area, the sound they’ve created together over the past four years is definitely their own. Starting back in 1999, the guys have gone through three vans, more beer than is medically possible, and too many bass players to count to get them to where they are now. Working with Amp Records they managed to get distribution for Fucked from the git go and Analbum Cover, and are working with Ass Card Records for their European release, Here Comes The Dog. But on the stage is where they’re at their best. When they first take the stage you’re not sure if they just got off work or if they’re somebody else’s crew, until they start to play. The high-energy free for all that comes after has made many other bands wonder what they’re going to do to follow that. The band’s commitment to touring and Balls out style of play is what keeps people coming back and first timers wondering what just happened.

Flat Stanley’s music has the ability to relate to and to be enjoyed by all forms of Rockers. That is why the band is able to stay so busy touring. The clubs and people want them back and the band is happy to oblige. Through their travels they’ve run up bar tabs and broken equipment, and toured with the likes of: UK Subs, Hot Water Music, The Independents, Marky Ramone and the Intruders, D.R.I, Murphy’s law, D.I., The Street Walkin’ Cheetas, Sloppy Seconds, and several other aging Punk Rock legends. So, pick up the CD, definitely hit a show.


  • “Here comes the dog” CD (Ass-Card Records 2003)
  • “Analbum Cover” CD (Amp Records 2002)
  • “Fucked from th´gitgo” CD(Amp Records 1999)