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Ibbenbüren (DE)

Eike Donot – drums
J.D. Donot – bass
Alex Donot – guitar
Guido Donot – guitar
Ingo Donot – vocals

Let´s face it, folks: Despite their name THE DONOTS these five German Blokes from Ibbtown Rockcity have been more than productive ever since they started out in late 1993.
Hailing from a rather small town in North-Western Germany Alex, Ingo, Purgen, Guido and Eike have come a long way and rocked their way to the top of the worldwide punk and rock scene without being what the music industry would want them to be: a bunch of overdressed, clean-cut rockstar jerks with Swiss Bank Accounts and the latest hair-do trends. It might sound like a cliché but THE DONOTS have stayed true to their deadly inbred fan-base since
day one and they´re still in closest touch with all the fans and friends they´ve made along the way. Plus they still haven´t spent a dime on a decent haircut. And just because they´re nice people doesn´t mean they don´t rock.


  • “The Long Way Home” CD (Solitary Man Records 2010)
  • “Coma Chameleon” LP (Ass-Card Records 2008)
  • “Coma Chameleon” CD (Solitary Man Records 2008)
  • “Got the Noise” CD (2004)
  • “Amplify the Good Times” CD (2002)
  • “Pocketrock” CD/LP (2001)
  • “Better Days not Included” CD (1999)
  • “Tonight´s karaoke Contest Winners” CD (1998)
  • “Pedigree Punk” CD (1996)