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Cruicial Dudes


New Jersey (USA)

JAson Bittner – Vocals
Alec McVey – Guitar
Billy Bollinger – Guitar, vocals
Brandon Iacometta – Bass
Eric McConathey – Drums

With a name as tongue in cheek as the Crucial Dudes, you’d expect a whole lot of immature songs about girls or the ins and outs of being a teenager, right? While that’s not completely off base, the tracks on 61 Penn, the debut release from this South Jersey outfit are anything but childish and show a wisdom well beyond their years.

Often compared to fellow Jersey forefathers Lifetime and Saves the Day, the Crudes bring a more modern and refreshing take on pop-punk than what is currently being offered up by the bro-core and mosh obsessed hardcore kids out there that find it cool to listen to pop-punk again. Throw in a healthy dose of Latterman and you’ve got a good idea how the Crudes tackle this seemingly never ending sea of watered down music that’s passed off as pop-punk; more often than not just trite and contrived to the point that its becoming the butt of its own joke.

61 Penn is a record fueled by the desire to live life to the fullest, whether that’s with four of your best friends sweating it out in a van or eating pizza on a Friday night somewhere in South Jersey. Filled with tons of catchy choruses and a million sing-alongs, the Crudes know how to write a perfectly good hook without wasting on overindulgence and a bro-core attitude you’d almost think come hand in hand with the band’s name.