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A Wilhelm Scream


New Bedford (USA)

Nuno Pereira -vocals
Trevor Reilly -guitar, vocals
Chris Levesque – guitar
Nick Angelini -drums
Brian Robinson -bass, vocals

In 2004 A Wilhelm Scream dropped an invigorating album, Mute Print, to an unsuspecting world. Word among fans and their peers spread steadily and the album became one of the “must-hears” of the year. On the road non-stop since its release, playing with the likes of Rise Against, Strung Out, and The Lawrence Arms, The Unseen to just name a few A Wilhelm Scream have converted audiences with a live show that matches the energy and complexity of their records.

Career Suicide represents the third trip to the Bill Stevenson / Jason Livermore well, a well neither dry nor stale. Career Suicide is just as smart, just as anthemic as Mute Print and Ruiner , but this time around A Wilhelm Scream speeds up their formula to a neck-breaking pace. And with a new bass-player, Brian Robinson, who keeps up with, and even pushes, the maniacal guitar duo of Reilly-Levesque, Career Suicide thoroughly pummels. That´s saying something about a band that´s never pulled punches.


  • “s/t” CD-EP Ass-Card Records 2010
  • “Career Suicide” CD Nitro Records 2007 LP Ass-Card Records/Jumpstart Records 2008
  • “Ruiner” CD/LP Nitro Records 2005
  • “Mute Print” CD 2004
  • “Diver” 7” Jumpstart Records 2004
  • “Benefits of thinking outloud” CD Jumpstart Records 2002