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ASTPAI "Run From Home" trans. green/black 7inch +MP3

5,90 EUR

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Belvedere "Self-Titled" 2xLP

17,90 EUR
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This record is 10 years in the making! Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the release of 'Twas Hell Said Former Child and the upcoming reunion shows we've once again teamed up with the guys from Belvedere to bring you one of the coolest releases we've ever had the opportunity to be a part of and we couldn't be more excited! This is a double LP that features the long out of press 2000 Belvedere release Angels Live in My Town and the 2002 release 'Twas Hell Said Former Child for the first time on vinyl EVER! First (and possibly only) pressing of 1000 comes on opaque/solid red (Angels) and coke bottle clear ('Twas Hell) colored vinyl in a super rad double gatefold jacket!

The first 100 pre-orders will receive an original 'Twas Hell Said Former Child poster from 2002, your poster will be folded for shipment!

Track Listing:
Angels Live in My Town
Side A
1. 2nd Column
2. The People's Song
3. Difference
4. Malpractice
5. Airplane
6. 669 - The Number of the Feast
Side B
7. Mediator
8. Weekend Warrior
9. Todd
10. Not My Problem
11. Male Pattern Impotence
12. Condiment King
13. Sik Salvation

'Twas Hell Said Former Child
Side C
1. The Only Problem With Wishful Thinking
2. Excuse Me, Can I Use This Chair?
3. It's Tough to be a Bully When There's No One Left to Bully
4. A Juxtaposition of Action and Reason
5. Two Minutes for Looking So Good
Side D
6. Repetition Rejection
7. Cellophane Coffin
8. It's Hard to Look Cool With Your Head Up Your Ass
9. She Sells and Sand Sandwiches
10. And You Thought the Doctor's Probe Hurt


Belvedere Belvedere Belvedere Belvedere

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