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Crucial Dudes/Hisdayhascome

Crucial Dudes/Hisdayhascome "Split" 2x 7inch +MP3

10,90 EUR

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ONE WIN CHOICE - "Conveyor" CD

10,00 EUR
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Art.Nr.:ACR 034-CD
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Battle tested. That’s the best way to describe this monsterous release from One Win Choice. Taking the high energy melodic hardcore they’re known for and stepping it up a notch, Conveyor is a record that bleeds emotion and passion welded together with sheer determination and thought provoking views on where we are and where we’re headed. Some might think these guys are one of a few bands out there still carrying the melodic hardcore torch like the bands they’re so often compared to, but this record is so much more. It’s a living, breathing testimate of personal struggle and growth. Reconnect to disconnect.

Release date: March 4th 2011


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