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Crucial Dudes/Hisdayhascome

Crucial Dudes/Hisdayhascome "Split" 2x 7inch +MP3

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GAY FOR JOHNNY DEPP - "What doesn’t kill you,..." CD

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We are super excited to announce our second release for this year. “What doesn’t kill you, eventually kills you” is Gay For Johnny Depp’s second full length album and will be available on CD and Digital February 25th. There will also be a fancy vinyl version coming within the next couple months, it will arrive in time for their tour in mainland Europe. So watch out for dates and be prepared to witness their furious and disruptive live performance. Gay for Johnny Depp from New York is the perfect symbiotic melding of of GG Allin, Marquis de Sade, Quentin Crisp, Jeff Stryker and The Germs. It’s intense, it’s nihilistic, offensive, provocative, fast, dirty and harsh; it’s more than you can imagine. If you are visiting confession regularly stay away from it, if this is not the case sell your soul to Gay For Johnny Depp!!!


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