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Astpai to Release 7"/EP Crohnicles October 15th!

Crohnicles 7inch The three tracks on Crohnicles is Astpai’s first new material and follow up to 2012’s full-length effort, Efforts And Means. Recorded and mixed by Trevor Reilly and Mike Supina of A Wilhelm Scream (Mike also added a sweet little over-the-top guitar solo at the end of “Just Ask”) and mastered by Stephen Egerton of The Descendents, this three song 7” deals with the topic of Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease which Zock from Astpai was diagnosed with seven years ago, followed by major surgery. To say working on this record has been therapeutic would be an understatement!
Ass-Card Records is stoked to work with our US partner Jump Start and Benelux Partner Sheild Recordings. Punknews posted a stream of all three songs from the 7” EP which you can check out right here. We’ll also be launching a video for the track “2000 Pills” along with an awesome pre-order for the 7” that’ll include some limited edition patches along with the special limited edition colored vinyl on September 20th, so keep your eyes peeled!

22 August 2013

Astpai "Efforts and Means" Vinyl repress!

We have repressed Astpais recent full length Album “Efforts and Means”. The second pressing of this goody is now available on opaque/yellow. You can get it directly from the band, as they are still on tour with Smoke Or Fire across Europe or from our online store.

Efforts & Means

5 May 2013

Rest In Peace Wauz!

Wauz the singer of Red Tape Parade passed away in the morning of 15th April. All of us over here are in deepest grieve for an amazing human being, a passionated musician and lyricist, a 150% solid, honest and kindhearted dude and friend!
Our sincere condolences go out to his family and loved ones.
Wauz, you and your music, thoughts, ideas, hopes, dreams….. will be with us, always and forever!

16 April 2013

Astpai on tour in Europe!

Astpai will be hitting european roads again. They will be on tour with Smoke Or Fire from 6th April until 18th May. This is going to be a hell of a long tour, those dudes know how to party for sure. Go and check em out!!

4 April 2013

Plow United - "Marching Band" Preorder

Ladies and Gentlemen! We are happy to welcome Plow United from Willmington/Delaware to our band roster with their first full length record in 15 years! “Marching Band” is available for pre-order on three different vinyl colors and CD. We offer some great bundles with an exclusive pre order only T-Shirt. The combo with a T-Shirt and LP or CD contains a poster and a button pack.
If you preorder a copy of “Marching Band” on vinyl you’re automatically entered to win a test press copy of the record! If you are from the USA get the record from our brothers in arms at Jumpstartrecords, all you European folks can get it directly from us.
pre-order here

11 February 2013

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